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Most UK Electrical work requires Electricians to be Part P registered. What qualifications do the part P bodies require? Visit our section on .
Part P Courses
After you have studied one of our Self Study Electricians courses, you will need to sit the examination. To find a registered City and Guilds center visit our section on.
Electricians qualifications
As well as the course notes a number of books will be required for the student to be successful in taking and passing the exams
Electrical books
What you need to know about working as an electrician in Great Britain. From the various types to the expected salaries
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Domlecs FAQ on 2382 2394 16th or 17th edition and Inspection, test and certification.

Sir I am enquiring about the part P certification. I have City&Guilds in plumbing and my son has City&Guilds in Electrical Installation. We both wish to be part P qualified and are interested in your training course.

My main question is, will this allow non-NVQ people such as ourselves to work on domestic electricity as an electrician. We have no intention of working on 3 phase systems. As I say we only have C&Gqualifications.

Once you have passed the C&G2382 you can then apply to any of the part p self certification schemes, the C&G2394 will be seen in higher regard but is not always vital. They will then inspect a few of your jobs (and have a chat with you) and decide whether you are competent.
Hope this helps
L Taylor

I would like to order the above CD, but how would I know where to book my theoretical examinations, especially the practical assessment for 2394.

On our web site, on the examinations page, is a link to the City and Guilds web site which provides a list of center's. You can contact one of these to see if they will allow you to just sit the exam/ practical. Another option available is local authority colleges who offer, in general, better value for money. The last option is the IEE. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the idea - something to think about. How much money is it typically for an individual then? I'm thinking of doing it on the side/weekends to supplement my income. Thanks for your help in this, I really appreciate it!

all rough estimates, scheme 500 a year, public liability insurance 200 a year,a meter to test installations 500-800 one off plus 100 annually for test certification, BS7671 regs book 45, on-site guide 20, depending on which scheme you use other costs can also occur, although these listed above are the main ones

Do you have any tips on how to tackle this course?

Read guidance note 3 from back to front and try and have a much knowledge of The wiring regs BS 7671. When taking the written exam include all safety checks in any descriptions of testing routines(test meter, check supply dead, safety lockout...). On the practical make sure you can fill in the inspection reports and try and remain calm, any questions please e-mail and good luck.

I am due to be made redundant from my present position at the end of December&am considering setting up my own business as a domestic electrician. My background is a 4 year apprenticeship with Norweb (old regional electricity company), where i graduated in electrical distribution, cable jointer up to&inc 33KV&overhead linesman up to&inc 132KV. Part of the first year of this apprenticeship was spent gaining skills in domestic wiring. I continued in further education&hold a BTEC HNC in electrical&electronic engineering&a BTEC ONC in mechanical engineering. I have browsed a few websites&realise the need for re-training&certification. Could you point me in the right direction as I want to set off in the correct legal manner with regards to certification, retraining, tools, governing body accreditation, business set up&tax regulations.

First thing, sorry to hear of your redundancy. I deal with qualifications so the tax and business set up are not really my expertise I will not attempt to answer those questions. You need to gain practical experience on domestic wiring, pulling floor boards up and channeling walls out etc. The technical side of domestic installation should be pretty straight forward with your background. The onsite guide available from our site gives a good easy to understand way of calculating cable sizes and other such factors. The self certification schemes. These allow you to certificate your work as compliant to BS7671. The only other way is to pay building control for each job around 300. Cost? all rough estimates, scheme 500 a year, public liability insurance 200 a year, a meter to test installations 500-800 one off plus 100 annually for test certification, BS7671 regs book 45, on-site guide 20, depending on which scheme you use other costs can also occur, although these listed above are the main ones. Qualifications C&G2382 (aka the 16th or 17th edition) as minimum, 2394(inspection and test) is highly desirable but not a requirement for most of the schemes. Any questions please e-mail, good luck and happy xmas.

I have just tried twice to puchase your building regs package without success. Each time i tried to go back to insert the info you said i had left off, it wouldnt let me back to do it. Could you check to see if you received my requests and if so please only provide one of them. If you have not received them, could you tell me how to get the site to go back to the previous page - other than by using the back key.

Sorry about the technical issues you are experiencing. I can confirm that we have received no order. I can try and help but the system is not ours (its paypals) so it may be difficult. First thing, what info does it say is missing? If the info has been provided and it is correct then it appears the problem is with info been cached (held in memory) by your browser. Try this (presume you use Internet explorer). Go to 'tools' on the top menu bar then 'Internet options' then choose the 'general tab' and select 'Delete cookies' , 'delete files' and finally 'clear history'. Now close your browser down. Re open browser and re attempt the order. Any problems please e-mail.

I am very interested in purchasing the two course pack from you. I have contacted Chichester college with a view to sit the exams there. This has posed a few questions. 2382 seems straight forward. Do I need a C&Genrolment number? 2394: I need a C&Genrolment number. I am confused with 101&102. Apparently one of them is a practical part of the assessment. How do we cover this with your course?

The 2382 is a sit down exam, open book and multiple choice, you should ask your college to just sit the exam, they should then allocate an enrolment number. The 2394 has a written exam as `part 1` and a practical as `part 2`, they are usually taken at different times. This is quite a difficult exam to pass and although we give a guide to the practical aspect you do need to have experience of testing a live installation. The 2394 is for experienced electricians. An academic may well pass the theory using the course notes, but the practical shows you have experience. Any questions please e-mail Thanks
L Taylor

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