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Most UK Electrical work requires Electricians to be Part P registered. What qualifications do the part P bodies require? Visit our section on .
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After you have studied one of our Self Study Electricians courses, you will need to sit the examination. To find a registered City and Guilds center visit our section on.
Electricians qualifications
As well as the course notes a number of books will be required for the student to be successful in taking and passing the exams
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What you need to know about working as an electrician in Great Britain. From the various types to the expected salaries
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City and Guilds 2391 and 2392. Inspection, Test and Certification Course.

Two new courses have been created to cover the subject of Inspection, Test and Certification. They are coded as 2391 and the 2392. Both comprise of written examinations and a practical part. Our City and Guilds 2391 course covers the syllabus of both courses.

The C & G 2392 and the C & G 2391 are for the more advanced students when compared to the C&G 2382. They require a strong electrical background. The courses teach the student how to Inspect and Test a new installation (Electrical Installation Certificate + Schedules) or an existing installation (Periodic Inspection Report + Schedules)

The City and Guilds 2392 is designed to fit between the C&G 2382 and C&G 2391. It offers an easier route into the subject of Inspection and Test when compared to the C&G 2391. The written part is a 50 question multiple choice examination lasting 1 hour 40 minutes. It is not open book. The practical consists of a test rig which the student Inspects, finding faults and then tests the rig.
The City and Guilds 2391 is the most comprehensive Inspection, Test and Certification Course. It offers an route into the lucrative world of Inspection and Test . The written part is a 26 question examination lasting 2 hours 30 minutes. It consists of 20 short answer questions and 6 structured questions. It is not open book. The practical consists of a number of test rigs which the student Inspects, finding faults and then tests the rigs, also finding faults from the test results.

City and Guilds 2391, 'Inspection and Testing' is is seen in the industry as the top qualification and although it is not a set requirement for all PART P courses it is very highly regarded.

What we are offering is a chance to study at home and become an Electrician who can work and register for any Part P self certification schemes. The City and Guilds 2391 , or 2392 is all you need to start your career as an electrician. Courses on the 2391 and 2392 are oversubscribed, expensive and waiting lists are lengthy.

Please note:- All products and services offered on this website are the products and services of Domlec and are in no way authorised, approved, endorsed by, or associated with City and Guilds.

So what do we offer?

1). Complete course for City & Guilds 2391 and 2392 covering all of the syllabus based on the 17th edition
2). Overview of the practical parts of the C&G 2391 and C&G 2392
3). A guide to what knowledge is expected from the student for the course C&G 2391
4). A guide to what knowledge is expected from the student for the course C&G 2392
5). Common areas of past failures for C&G 2391 students
6). Questions on BS7671:2008.
7). The complete part P regulation
8). Tips on examination type and technique
9). 3 HSE electricians safety guides
10.) 2 types of printable electrical installation certificates, plus notes
11.) 1 type of schedule of inspection record, printable with notes.
12.) 1 type of schedule of test record, printable with notes.
13.) 1 type of minor works, printable with notes.
14.) 1 type of periodic inspection certificate, printable with notes.

All our courses come on a CD-ROM or are downloaded, they are in PDF format they are compatible with all Windows and Macintosh computers. The courses include Adobe Reader and the price also includes delivery. .
All you need to do is purchase BS 7671:2008 and Guidance Note 3 Inspection and Test plus this course and away you go.

Just enrol for the examination the exams turn up on the night and pass. Saving hundreds of pounds and tons of time, this course works I know I have passed using these notes. I know at least 10 more who have also passed.

Credit card payments taken through Paypal system, you do not need to be Paypal registered, just check option on payment page to indicate no Paypal account. These are used to train electricians at a leading car manufacturer that used to be based in Coventry


Chapter 1 Standards & Regulations

Standards page
Plan of the IEE Wiring Regulations
Competent Persons

Chapter 2 Earthing Systems

Reasons for Earthing
Earth Fault Path
Earthing Arrangements

Chapter 3 Inspection

General Requirements
Initial Inspection
Periodic Inspection
Frequency of Inspection & testing

Chapter 4 Testing

Sequence for Testing
Continuity of Protective Conductors
Continuity of Ring Final Circuit Conductors
Insulation Resistance

Site Applied Insulation
Protection by Separation of Circuits
Protection by Barriers or Enclosures
Insulation of Non-conducting Locations
Earth Electrode Resistance
Earth Fault Loop Impedance
External Earth Fault Loop Impedance
Prospective Short Circuit Current
Residual Current Devices
Functional Tests
Periodic Tests

Chapter 5 Documentation

Completion Certificate
Alterations and Additions
Periodic Inspection Report
Minor Works

Chapter 6 Instrumentation requirements

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Inspection and Test
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