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Most UK Electrical work requires Electricians to be Part P registered. What qualifications do the part P bodies require? Visit our section on .
Part P Courses
After you have studied one of our Self Study Electricians courses, you will need to sit the examination. To find a registered City and Guilds center visit our section on.
Electricians qualifications
As well as the course notes a number of books will be required for the student to be successful in taking and passing the exams
Electrical books
What you need to know about working as an electrician in Great Britain. From the various types to the expected salaries
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Our NEW City and Guilds 2382 course, the 17th edition' of the IEE Wiring Regulations, BS7671:2008 is now available.

Our C&G 2382 course, also referred to as the the 17th edition, has been updated in time for the new regulations to take effect. The update means the C&G 2382 supersedes the C&G 2380 and 2381. From the 1st July 2008, any electrical system designed must conform to the new 17th edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

The two 2382 courses are coded as 2382-20 and the 2381-10. Both examinations are open book and the student is allowed to take into and use the book IEE Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition 7671: 2008. Our City and Guilds 2382 course cover the syllabus of both courses

The 2382-20 course is provided so any student who has sat the C&G 2381 since the IEE wiring regulations BS7671: June 2001 can sit a short course and upgrade from the 16th edition to the 17th edition. It has a shorter examination lasting 1 hour and consisting of 30 multiple choice questions.
The 2382-10 course is provided so any student can learn the complete 17th edition of the IEE Wiring regulations BS7671:2008.. It has an examination lasting 2 hours and consisting of 60 multiple choice questions.

C&G 2382 , also referred to as the the 17th edition, is ideal for those who's occupation involves a small amount of electrical work. For Example Kitchen fitters, Conservatory installers and other areas of work in which electrical installation is not the main part of the business.

It is also a requirement for electricians who wish to apply for a full Part P registration scheme and have not got an equivalent qualification.

What we are offering is a chance to study at home and become an electrician who can work and register for any Part P self certification schemes. The City and Guilds 2382 , or 17th edition is all you need to start your career as an electrician.

Courses on the 2382 are oversubscribed, expensive and waiting lists are lengthy.

Please note:- All products and services offered on this website are the products and services of Domlec and are in no way authorised, approved, endorsed by, or associated with City and Guilds.

So what do we offer?

1). ALL NEW and complete course notes for City & Guilds 2382 , covering all of the syllabus,
2). Step through guide of the 17th edition highlighting the major changes
3). Questions on BS7671:2008, the 17th edition.
4). Tips on examination type and technique
5). The complete April 2006 part P regulation
6). 3 HSE electricians safety guides.
7.) 2 types of printable electrical installation certificates, plus notes
8.) 1 type of schedule of inspection record, printable with notes.
9.) 1 type of schedule of test record, printable with notes.
10.) 1 type of minor works, printable with notes.
11.)1 type of periodic inspection certificate, printable with notes.
12). Free course notes for City & Guilds 2381

All our courses come on a CD-ROM or are downloaded, they are in PDF format they are compatible with all Windows and Macintosh computers. The courses include Adobe Reader and the price also includes delivery.

All you need to do is purchase one of our courses and the required books and away you go. Just enrol for the examination turn up on the night and pass.. Saving hundreds of pounds and tons of time, these courses work, I know because I have passed using these notes and know at least 10 more who also have.

Credit card payments are taken through Paypal system, you do not need to be Paypal registered, just click option on payment page to indicate no Paypal account. These are used to train electricians at a leading car manufacturer that used to be based in Coventry....


Fundamental Requirements for Safety
Requirements of the IEE Regulations BS7671
Health and Safety at Work, Act, 1974
The Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989

Types of earthing
What is earthing?
Who Supplies the Earth?
How Good Should the Earth Be?
Earth rods
Earthing and the IEE Regulations
Supplementary bonding
Earthing Arrangements
Earth fault loop impedance
Attaining the value of total loop impedance
Residual Current operates Devices

Mechanical Protection
External influences
Protection against ingress of solid objects and liquids.
Protection against electric shock
Fault Protection
Basic Protection
Protection Against Overcurrent
Protection Against Overloads
Protection Against Short Circuit
Breaking capacity of circuit breakers and fuses
Discrimination & Back-up Protection
Protection against overvoltage
Protection against undervoltage
Precautions against a high risk of fire

Isolation and switching

Designing Circuits
Design current.
Protective Device
Correction factors
Selecting the cable
Voltage drop
Shock Risk
Selecting CPC size

Inspection and Testing
Continuity of protective conductors
Continuity of ring final circuits
Insulation resistance
Earth electrode testing
Earth fault loop impedance.
Prospective fault current 
Functional testing

Special Locations.
Special locations Special Installations Or Locations
Section 700 - General
Section 701 - Locations Containing a Bath or a Shower
Section 702 - Swimming Pools and other basins
Section 703 - Rooms and cabins containing Sauna heaters
Section 704 - Construction and demolition Site Installations
Section 705 - Agricultural & Horticultural Premises
Section 706 - Conductive locations with Restrictive movements
Section 708 -Electrical Installations in Caravan, camping parks and similar locations.
Section 709 - Marinas and similar locations
Section 710 Medical locations Reserved for Future Use
Section 711 - Exhibition installation's, shows, stands, displays.
Section 712 - Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems (solar power)
Section 717 - Mobile or transportable unit.
Section 721 - Electrical installations in Caravans and Motor Caravans.
Section 740 - Temporary Installation's for structures, amusements and devices used at
fairgrounds, amusements and circuses
Section 753 - Floor and Ceiling heating systems

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